"Not one more child drowns"

What do parents say about ISR North Texas?

Cassandra- 2019

Shannon Murphy is very passionate and knowledgeable about survival swim.  It’s absolutely amazing to see the children of various ages learning  various skills to survive in the event they were to fall into a body of  water. Shannon Murphy does an excellent job building rapport with her  children and parents. My son said, I don’t want to go to lessons  literally every day. However, it’s proven at the end of the lessons he  retains everything. My son trusts Shannon as she leads, guides, and  instructs him in the pool.

Brittney W.- 2019

We love Shanon and how well our children have done in her lessons!

Kennesha G.- 2019

SR was definitely a memorable experience with Shanon Murphy. She eases  her student's mind, willing to work with their level of comfort, and  gains their trust. My daughter is now able to float with ease and has a  higher regard for water safety. I can't wait to see how she progresses  with ISR in the future.

ISR Parent- 2019

Shanon is patient and thorough with our children. You can tell Shanon is  very passionate about teaching ISR and seeing every child succeed. She  works hard with our children, she’s encouraging with our children, and  encouraging with us. I always look forward to the feedback at the end of  each lesson, and of course, seeing my children’s progress each day. We  can’t praise Shanon enough. She’s a blessing and so very good at what  she does.

ISR Parent- 2019

Shanon has been great throughout the first couple weeks of ISR! My son  can be a little hard to handle, but she perseveres through her teaching.  I can’t wait to see how far they come

ISR Parent- 2019

Shanon has been nothing but wonderful! Our child is still warming up to  the lessons and is very upset at first, but Shanon manages to still  teach her new things everyday and get through to her.