About Shanon

My nephew, Ethan, and me at our favorite nature preserve

ISR Self-Rescue® is personal to me. I lost my nephew, Ethan, and his grandfather in a drowning accident on July 13, 2011. Since then I've been determined to find a way to prevent other drowning deaths.

Ethan was under the supervision of his grandpa when his accident occurred. Even with adult supervision, accidents happen. We lost Ethan AND his grandpa to drowning.

My nephew, Jake, did ISR lessons in the spring of 2017. I took him to those lessons and was blown away by the skills he mastered. He's now proud to show off his swimming and floating skills in the water. More importantly, now we know that he is capable of keeping his head above the water should he ever find his way to it alone.

After seeing Jake's progress first hand I decided that I needed to become certified to teach ISR lessons myself. These lessons can and do save lives. I want to do my part to ensure that no other families feel the pain that mine did after losing Ethan. 

On a lighter note...here's some info about me. I was born and raised in Dallas, TX. I've lived all over the metroplex...Dallas, Coppell, The Colony, Dallas again, Valley Ranch, Burleson, Arlington, Las Colinas, and back to Coppell again. I love this area and cannot imagine being anywhere else. 

I started my full time career when I was 17 years old. I grew up wanting to produce a morning radio show and that's exactly what I did. I've been on air and behind the scenes of the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show for more than half of my life. The only other thing I'm as passionate about is becoming an ISR Self-Rescue® instructor. 

I completed my certification in October 2017 after training in Lake Highlands. I can't express through words how passionate I am to be part of an organization with the goal of "Not one more child drowns." I'm so excited to teach kids the life saving skills they will learn with ISR Self-Rescue®. Had we known about ISR sooner, Ethan might still be here with us today. Register your child for lessons here.

My nephew, Ethan

This was the very last video we took of my nephew, Ethan, before he drowned on July 13, 2011. He's comfortable in the water wearing his floatie suit, but he couldn't stay afloat when he fell into a pool  without it. Floaties and arm bands give kids a false sense of security. Had we known about ISR Self-Rescue® lessons sooner, Ethan might still be with us today. Don't let an accident like this happen in your family. Register your child for lessons here.