"Not one more child drowns"

About ISR Self-Rescue®


Every certified Instructor goes through at least 40 hours of in-water training before their initial certification and goes through re-certification every year. This ensures that every Instructor in ISR Self-Rescue® is educated on new research and methods of training.

 There have been more than 8 million ISR Self-Rescue® lessons given and over 800 lives have been saved as a result of these lessons.

Supervision is the key to preventing drowning, but it's impossible to keep both eyes on your child 24 hours a day. Accidents happen in even the most attentive situations. While supervision, pool fences, and pool alarms are key to keeping your child safe, it is also imperative that they be taught the skills to survive should they get past these safety measures. There is no such thing as being too prepared when it comes to your child and water safety.

Floaties, arm bands, and life jackets give parents and children a false sense of security in the water. These devices allow a child to keep their head above water while being vertical. If a child was to fall into the water without a flotation device, they would most likely react as they would while wearing a flotation device. Without the help of floaties, though, the child would quickly get tired in the water and eventually go into submersion. This sets the scene for drowning. 

Drowning is 100% preventable in most cases. ISR Self-Rescue® can teach your child the skills needed to survive should they ever reach the water alone. You can get more info on ISR Self-Rescue® lessons by clicking here. Register your child for lessons with Shanon here.